Core Drilling

Profix Systems Ltd offers a reliable and efficient method of drilling holes in concrete structures for either demolition purposes or for creating necessary accommodations such as plumbing, phone lines, sprinkler systems, and HVAC ducting. This is done using a concrete core-drilling machine equipped with a rotating shaft and a concrete coring drill, which is attached securely to the wall or floor being worked on. After drilling is complete, a solid cylindrical concrete core is extracted from the hole. This method of drilling has several advantages, including minimal dust and noise production, making it ideal for use in occupied buildings, residential areas, hospitals, schools, and office buildings. Additionally, the use of automatic feed systems allows for core drilling to be carried out in restricted spaces.


Profix Systems Ltd specializes in demolition work that involves the use of various equipment such as breakers, compressors, and other demolition tools. With the use of breakers, Profix Systems Ltd can quickly and effectively demolish concrete and masonry structures. Compressors are used to power the tools and equipment required for demolition work. Other demolition tools, such as saws and drills, are also used to cut and remove materials as required. Our team of experts ensures that all necessary safety measures are in place before any demolition work begins. This includes identifying potential hazards, securing the site, and ensuring that all team members are properly trained and equipped. Overall, We provide a comprehensive range of demolition services using the latest tools and techniques, and with a strong focus on safety and efficiency.

Lease of Construction Equipments

Profix Systems Ltd offers leasing services for a wide range of construction machinery to help their clients in the construction industry complete their projects efficiently and effectively. Some of the machinery available for leasing includes core drill machines, jackhammers/breakers, power floats, floor saws, and more. Core drill machines are used for drilling precise holes in concrete and other hard surfaces, while jackhammers/breakers are ideal for breaking up concrete or asphalt. Power floats are used to smooth out concrete surfaces, while floor saws are used to cut through concrete and asphalt. Profix Systems Ltd's leasing services provide clients with access to high-quality machinery without the need for a large capital investment. They offer flexible leasing options, competitive pricing, and expert advice to help clients choose the right machinery for their specific needs. Profix Systems Ltd is a trusted partner for construction companies looking to streamline their operations and achieve their project goals.